Top 3 Games To Relieve COVID-19 Anxiety: How to Manage Your Stress During Pandemic

The ongoing COVID-29 pandemic can give other anxiety. Some individuals are doing their best to find ways on how to manage their stress and worry during the health crisis.Is COVID-19 Pandemic Stressing You Out? Here are the Best Games To Play To Relieve Your Anxiety(Photo : Photo Paula Bronstein/ Getty Images)
A Thai boy plays the computer game Ragnarok Online at a cybergame shop in Siam Square on July 16, 2003 in Bangkok, Thailand. The Thai government imposed a curfew on all local online computer games from 10:00pm to 6:00am, which started a day ago in order to curb addiction amongst young people to the popular computer game called Ragnarok Online. The success of Ragnarok has taken Thailand by storm. Introduced only six months ago, it already has 600,000 registered players.

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According to Help Guide‘s latest report, fears about coronavirus can take an emotional toll, especially on those who already suffer from an anxiety disorder.

People’s stress and anxiety levels are increased by the economic and social repercussions caused by COVID-19, which can create an unprecedented situation.

Yoga, going to the gym, jogging, painting, and other activities are conducted by many individuals just to remove their worries. However, some people can’t do these kinds of activities.

But, there’s a simple way to manage your anxiety.  Below are games that can help you cope with your worries during the pandemic.

Monument Valley

“Monument Valley” has a calming and mesmerizing gameplay, which can really relax you. The developers also improved its quality and game style.Is COVID-19 Pandemic Stressing You Out? Here are the Best Games To Play To Relieve Your Anxiety(Photo : Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)
Children play video games on smartphones while attending a public event on September 22, 2012 in Ruesselsheim, Germany. Smartphones, with their access to social networks, high-resolution screens, video games and internet acess, have become commonplace among children and teenagers across the globe.

Right now, players can enjoy its manipulative realm of optical illusions and peculiar geometry, as reported by Grit Daily.

Mario Kart

This one is an all-time favorite. Since there are still restrictions on the road, “Mario Kart” allows you to virtually drive your car.

What’s makes this game fun are its obstacle courses that you never knew existed. Its hyper game mechanics will take your mind off of your worries and stress.

Paper Toss

This simple game is what you need during the pandemic. Its mechanics only require you to toss, hurl, and throw the piece of paper into a small trash bin using all the techniques you can think of.

It also gives you the office vibe you have been missing since most people are now required to work from home. You can even see your angry co-workers’ comments in the game, which will really make you feel like you’re in the office. Since you’re at home, you can even shout “Kobe!” as you make that long shot.

Since it is a rough time, always remember that you don’t always have to be productive. It’s okay not to be okay. If you don’t want to work, just give your boss a heads up. Do things that will make you feel better during the pandemic. Don’t be too hard on yourself.


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