A Solace for Game Developers – Game Seer Watering Creative Gaming Ideas

  ( A Solace for Game Developers – Game Seer Watering Creative Gaming Ideas )

Initially, the introduction of games was merely for amusement purposes. Now, the gaming industry has developed into a business that is bringing in a lot of profit and is only increasing with time. By 2018, the gaming industry’s sales had reached $125 billion. Gaming, nevertheless, has gone through a major transformation in recent times. With advancements in technology, the gaming industry’s scope has made the game developers push their boundaries, explore their horizons, and come up with creative ideas that were previously unexplored. 

The gaming market is flooded with game developers, yet the presence of unique ideas is rare. “Only if” has been one of the core reasons that has led to the failure of many great ideas. One of the major factors incorporates the lack of funding from proper channels to build onto an idea. Even though the game industry has flourished over time, not many investors completely believe in gaming business potential, losing many creative ideas in the process. 

A Platform Fueling Innovative Ideas 

Responding to such concepts while providing them with a financial thrust is Game Seer Venture Partners, founded on July 5th, 2019. Nothing is more disheartening than the individuals giving up on dreams because of the lack of funds. Based in Aschaffenburg, Germany, Game Seer is a game development company that sponsors genuine game ideas and helps such individuals not give up on their dreams. 

The innovation in the gaming industry is what keeps the excitement alive in gaming lovers. How will the market thrive if the creative game developers fail to find a proper funding source? In response to such concerns, Game Seer has entered the market with a tagline of “Cash is better with a brain.”

The pioneer of Game Seer Venture, Mikel, has been a die-hard gaming fan throughout his life. During his teenage years, he started playing games in the basement of the house with his friend, Vernizeau Bertrand. Soon after, the monotonous nature of the games started bothering the two individuals. It was during those extreme gaming sessions that initiated the idea of a developer-friendly gaming funding company, now known as the Game Seer Venture Partners. 

Mikel, the founder, and Vernizeau Bertrand, the CEO and investment partner, have closely observed the gaming industry trends. They have not just analyzed the market as business-minded individuals but have been on the gaming industry’s receiver end for the longest time. As a result, they are thoroughly aware of why it is necessary to help smart game developers launch their ideas into the gaming market. What makes the company stand out amongst other new businesses is their aim to provide a breeding ground for unattended ideas left behind due to the lack of funds. 

The main hurdle in the way of creative ideas is to question them constantly. Game Seer Venture Partners is a company that puts its trust and money into game developers that have unique gaming concepts. Unlike other traditional investors, it does not intervene in the ideas because it takes away the essence of being ‘user-friendly,’ killing the company’s purpose.   

Setting the Foundations For An Ideal Gaming Investing Company 

Having refused to raise funds and solely invest the proceeds of their 2015 gaming exit, Game Seer Ventures plans to invest its $11.1 million of private starting capital. The acceptance of being open to new ideas is what’s helping the company attract people all around the globe. With these funds’ aid, Game Seer plans to invest in gaming projects that are high-quality PC and console in nature, introducing new and innovative projects in the gaming industry. 

Due to their developer-friendly aspect, many game developers require their funds. With a range of €100,000 to €1.5 million, the company has thousands of prospects in the market. To evaluate and analyze the right project to invest, Game Seer uses its self-developed tools to decide each gaming project’s potential. 

“We consider small production for full financing, and we are fine also to put a million in bigger productions,” says Game Seer. 

As a part of the digital entertainment industry, games have played a huge role during the pandemic. The delay in the games’ production has been natural; however, the ideas are still churning. Game Seer is providing full support to the game developers who are persistent and are promising effective results. This is precisely what the company is all about. 

Game Seer might be fresh and new, but they have already started giving out effective results. “The Waylanders” was the first game project funded by Game Seer, followed by Breaking Walls’ AWAY: The Survival Series, Aragami 2, and many more. 

Game Seer Venture Partners has been nothing but a solace in these times for the PC and console game developers. With the rise of competition in the market, it has become extremely difficult to bring your ideas into real life. Game Seer has been a savior for such creative minds that have left unheard for the longest time. With its unique and unconventional investor style, Game Seer has attracted worldwide game developers, gaining global recognition.


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